weekly penguin cartoon


Oct 21: But is she in?

Oct 14: A destination wedding? Maybe Mars?

Oct 07: 2x the trouble, 2x the cute!

Sep 30: A tasty dilemma.

Sep 23: Even worse, with electronics…

Sep 16: But this way is even more work!

Sep 09: Pavlov's purr?

Sep 02: And if space/time is also a game…

Aug 26: Points for quick thinking, though!

Aug 19: Why gulls are rarely quoted in the media.

Aug 12: Not augmented enough.

Aug 05: Back when hackers didn’t _need_ hats.

Jul 29: Or, worse, you could be playing some game!

Jul 22: More evidence older is not necessarily wiser.

Jul 15: Location is important too.

Jul 08: No, it’s still Untechnical Support.

Jul 01: I always share that video too!

Jun 24: Being helped to distraction.

Jun 17: Or for Father's Day you could spend some quality time offline.

Jun 10: Rule #437: And if it doesn’t exist, there is a FlipStarter of it.

But is she in?
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