weekly penguin cartoon


Jun 24: Being helped to distraction.

Jun 17: Or for Father's Day you could spend some quality time offline.

Jun 10: Rule #437: And if it doesn’t exist, there is a FlipStarter of it.

Jun 03: A good waddle spoiled.

May 27: It's never too late to have a happy juvenility.

May 20: TV is a little odder in the penguiverse.

May 13: The sacred knowledge is passed down.

May 06: Happy Mother's Day! (contains kittens)

Apr 29: Creeping de-featurism.

Apr 22: And don’t get me started on what the squirrels are saying.

Apr 15: I think they already have my password.

Apr 08: One up-penguin-ship.

Apr 01: That's really the only downside.

Mar 25: There are some in tech "support" who pass every time.

Mar 18: One-string minds, cats.

Mar 11: Cute! But crazy. But cute!

Mar 04: It works both ways

Feb 26: It's not Grand Theft Herring Trawler...

Feb 19: Besides, that was 5,000 - 8,000 years ago.

Feb 12: You'd think cats wouldn't have a problem ignoring photographers.

Being helped to distraction.
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