weekly penguin cartoon


Jul 11: There's a cat for that!

Jul 04: A harmonious (and legal) solution.

Jun 27: But all those annoying Chess requests will be hidden.

Jun 20: The store is also safe from Star Trek:Classic mad computers...

Jun 13: An upside to laying the occasional egg...

Jun 06: The hazards of winning...

May 30: They really are evil. All the herring-filled donuts were taken!

May 23: The real category where most of my gadgets belong...

May 16: It's actually by a group of artists who don't agree on anything.

May 09: Technically, Mom wins...

May 02: Great marketing idea.

Apr 25: I'd buy a ticket!

Apr 18: And I thought English was colorful...

Apr 11: Plausible adorability.

Apr 04: Recursive eating disorder...

Mar 28: This is the way I'm going to order it.

Mar 21: Hatchling labor laws?

Mar 14: But then we'd all have one and that could get confusing.

Mar 07: Or it could be me.

Feb 28: Skips right over computer support penguin

There's a cat for that!
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