weekly penguin cartoon


Jan 14: Or mint the fridge as an NFT.

Jan 07: Um, maybe

Dec 30: Fool me three times?

Dec 24: Well of course it's every day.

Dec 17: And another whopper: I can stop anytime...

Dec 10: Based loosely on a possibly true story

Dec 03: One fine day in the brain scanning lab...

Nov 26: Revenge gifting?

Nov 19: And some of them are quite odd indeed.

Nov 12: Of course they can see into thought bubbles. They live in a cartoon!

Nov 05: Salespenguinship, that works.

Oct 29: 'Tis the season.

Oct 22: All the tasteful ones are already occupied.

Oct 15: What part of 'high score' do you not understand?

Oct 08: Greek and Latin, either.

Oct 01: Early? Or late?

Sep 24: Shooting duel.

Sep 17: Every Good Bird Deserves Fishes

Sep 10: And , is it a tipped wage?

Sep 03: One reason to show up at zoning meetings.

It could take a lot of will power... or not.
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