weekly penguin cartoon


Jul 31: Asking for a friend.

Jul 24: Then again, doing just about anything makes me hungry.

Jul 17: Is there any challenge in hunting a bag of kibble? No there is not!

Jul 10: When dinner depends on bandwidth.

Jul 03: It is a play on birds. Sorry.

Jun 26: To-go to impress.

Jun 19: And they bring home alllll their laundry!

Jun 12: On the internet, nobody knows you're not a bear.

Jun 05: The mind-empty part is easy, though.

May 29: I am now officially a train nerd.

May 22: Making homework recreational.

May 15: You're gonna need a bigger air fryer

May 08: If there isn't a "Maker's Mash-up Emporium" there should be.

May 01: Even when the gig isn’t a dinner party, it is one.

Apr 24: This kind of thing happens at my house all the time.

Apr 17: But humans should wear cows. Or broccoli. Or cake.

Apr 10: With great power comes… oh nevermind.

Apr 03: All jobs should come with those perks.

Mar 27: It was something I could really use, though.

Mar 20: And they say all renewables have the same flavor!

With great power comes… oh nevermind.
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