weekly penguin cartoon


Jul 12: Fashion follows forecasts?

Jul 05: If it looks too easy...

Jun 28: Or living in a cartoon

Jun 21: Someone should do the ‘creepy vs. cute’ research now.

Jun 14: Happy Father's Day! However you celebrate it...

Jun 07: And I was afraid I'd have to crowdfund it.

May 31: Never assume that things are not as weird as you suspect.

May 24: And don’t even get me started on geothermal!

May 17: Before that works, let's find some tournaments with cash prizes.

May 10: Plus there are plenty of less fun economic stimulus programs.

May 03: Although it works as creative writing.

Apr 26: When they acquire a sense of humor, then you can worry.

Apr 19: What happens in board meetings stays in board meetings.

Apr 12: If 'Quantum' is in the name, it's a marketing breakthrough.

Apr 05: The real question - is software engineering just daycare for adults?

Mar 29: That way does make more sense.

Mar 29: That way does make more sense.

Mar 22: Better than catnip?

Mar 15: Jury is still out - to lunch.

Mar 08: Musicians have the best swears.

When not to bet.
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