weekly penguin cartoon


Apr 03: All jobs should come with those perks.

Mar 27: It was something I could really use, though.

Mar 20: And they say all renewables have the same flavor!

Mar 13: There is no such thing as a silly question (that can't be exploited for likes.)

Mar 06: You should see Cthulhu's side hustle. Or maybe not.

Feb 28: Five if you count the grill by the pool house.

Feb 21: It's best when Herring-a-Go-Go is parked right by Rhonda's Roadkill.

Feb 14: I often feel that way about some of my gadgets.

Feb 07: Also, a job not likely to be taken by a robot just yet.

Jan 31: It has a terrific raw bar.

Jan 24: FWIW, the chef medalled twice in the Precision Cleaver Throw event.

Jan 17: Irresistibility overlap.

Jan 10: But there isn't a "no stealing" sign!

Jan 03: And still legal!

Dec 27: Ending the decade with an eeeeeek!

Dec 20: Also best app name ever.

Dec 13: Debugging is a lot easier without the fixing part.

Dec 06: On having a skill that is tough to automate.

Nov 29: A penguin is 80 percent stomach. Me too.

Nov 22: Bakers are makers.

Or it could be me.
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