weekly penguin cartoon


Apr 21: The actual superpower.

Apr 14: It does get sloshy.

Apr 07: How to be a cheap date.

Mar 31: Probably pressure from alumni.

Mar 24: May be an advantage to doing this every day.

Mar 17: Because it's a form of meditation, of course.

Mar 10: Cosmology: more fun than cosmetology.

Mar 03: Heck of a commute.

Feb 24: Always insist on truth in food.

Feb 17: I hope you’re not double-parked!

Feb 10: An athlete’s life is so strenuous!

Feb 03: Especially if you like spicy food.

Jan 27: Does it count if your parents ate a ton of Chinese food while hatching you?

Jan 20: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Jan 13: And if a penguin devolves it would be to a dinosaur.

Jan 06: Tailfeathers-texting: the latest in password generators?

Dec 30: Art museums make me hungry.

Dec 23: Some tech to save you from... tech.

Dec 16: Tying the knot (in the timeline.)

Dec 09: Or when a cat interferes with your rants.

And then the nurse said "It could of been worse!"
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