weekly penguin cartoon


Apr 03: All jobs should come with those perks.

Mar 27: It was something I could really use, though.

Mar 20: And they say all renewables have the same flavor!

Mar 13: There is no such thing as a silly question (that can't be exploited for likes.)

Mar 06: You should see Cthulhu's side hustle. Or maybe not.

Feb 28: Five if you count the grill by the pool house.

Feb 21: It's best when Herring-a-Go-Go is parked right by Rhonda's Roadkill.

Feb 14: I often feel that way about some of my gadgets.

Feb 07: Also, a job not likely to be taken by a robot just yet.

Jan 31: It has a terrific raw bar.

Jan 24: FWIW, the chef medalled twice in the Precision Cleaver Throw event.

Jan 17: Irresistibility overlap.

Jan 10: But there isn't a "no stealing" sign!

Jan 03: And still legal!

Dec 27: Ending the decade with an eeeeeek!

Dec 20: Also best app name ever.

Dec 13: Debugging is a lot easier without the fixing part.

Dec 06: On having a skill that is tough to automate.

Nov 29: A penguin is 80 percent stomach. Me too.

Nov 22: Bakers are makers.

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To fit the strips onto mugs, it's been necessary to change them a bit, usually just shortening them. Since Cafepress provides kinda small images, I've put bigger ones here (they'll open in new windows):

View all (big!)
The rock collection one (when is a collection really a collection?)
The one about feeding spammers to your pet tiger
Too much of a good thing?
The birth of the Church of the Great Penguin
The "don't give your cat your Amazon password" one
One of the talking to dead penguins show ones
The one where they go clubbing
The one where they attempt to clean the fridge

There's also a one-panel one where Ted shows up in a UFO - it's too big for the web site, though it is available here in our 2004 calendar (it's October, in case you're not looking ahead...) It doesn't fit right on a mug but is on a tote bag, lunchbox and mousepad.