weekly penguin cartoon


Dec 02: So... wait... _is_ rational?

Nov 25: The illusions of kittenhood.

Nov 18: Very very niche entertainment.

Nov 11: Being a businessbear: not as easy as it looks.

Nov 04: For instance, there are approximately 525,600 minutes in a year.

Oct 28: You never forget your first assembler language.

Oct 21: Not sure which is worse.

Oct 14: Nice long peaceful road trip.

Oct 07: Bulk discounts available.

Sep 30: In fact, she's got a whole second career in hold music!

Sep 23: Defensive? Me?

Sep 16: Plus it keeps getting lighter, especially around the cargo.

Sep 09: Or, never let philosophy get in the way of bonus food

Sep 02: Bedroom then? No, because 'breakfast in bed...'

Aug 26: One fine day at the beach.

Aug 19: Next back yard trend: cheese plants?

Aug 12: Now _that's_ a bluff!

Aug 05: I prefer to say, 'particular.'

Jul 29: But... my dignity is at stake!

Jul 22: Tell you what, if you catch the bug I'll let you keep it.

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To fit the strips onto mugs, it's been necessary to change them a bit, usually just shortening them. Since Cafepress provides kinda small images, I've put bigger ones here (they'll open in new windows):

View all (big!)
The rock collection one (when is a collection really a collection?)
The one about feeding spammers to your pet tiger
Too much of a good thing?
The birth of the Church of the Great Penguin
The "don't give your cat your Amazon password" one
One of the talking to dead penguins show ones
The one where they go clubbing
The one where they attempt to clean the fridge

There's also a one-panel one where Ted shows up in a UFO - it's too big for the web site, though it is available here in our 2004 calendar (it's October, in case you're not looking ahead...) It doesn't fit right on a mug but is on a tote bag, lunchbox and mousepad.