weekly penguin cartoon


Dec 03: One fine day in the brain scanning lab...

Nov 26: Revenge gifting?

Nov 19: And some of them are quite odd indeed.

Nov 12: Of course they can see into thought bubbles. They live in a cartoon!

Nov 05: Salespenguinship, that works.

Oct 29: 'Tis the season.

Oct 22: All the tasteful ones are already occupied.

Oct 15: What part of 'high score' do you not understand?

Oct 08: Greek and Latin, either.

Oct 01: Early? Or late?

Sep 24: Shooting duel.

Sep 17: Every Good Bird Deserves Fishes

Sep 10: And , is it a tipped wage?

Sep 03: One reason to show up at zoning meetings.

Aug 27: Yes. Yes that is how it works.

Aug 20: Speak softly and carry scary tech.

Aug 13: I would never.

Aug 06: It probably has got voles in it already.

Jul 30: Maybe longer than a three hour tour?

Jul 23: Anatomically incorrect.

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To fit the strips onto mugs, it's been necessary to change them a bit, usually just shortening them. Since Cafepress provides kinda small images, I've put bigger ones here (they'll open in new windows):

View all (big!)
The rock collection one (when is a collection really a collection?)
The one about feeding spammers to your pet tiger
Too much of a good thing?
The birth of the Church of the Great Penguin
The "don't give your cat your Amazon password" one
One of the talking to dead penguins show ones
The one where they go clubbing
The one where they attempt to clean the fridge

There's also a one-panel one where Ted shows up in a UFO - it's too big for the web site, though it is available here in our 2004 calendar (it's October, in case you're not looking ahead...) It doesn't fit right on a mug but is on a tote bag, lunchbox and mousepad.