weekly penguin cartoon


Feb 26: As simple as possible but not simpler.

Feb 19: Or maybe after dinner.

Feb 12: And that is why catnip mice are on autoship all winter.

Feb 05: Like a house call, but without the mileage.

Jan 29: Oh no! The call is coming from inside your stomach!

Jan 22: And dance music. Lots of dance music. Boring!

Jan 15: 2020: I was the worst! 2021: Hold my beer.

Jan 08: Be prepared!

Jan 01: And if that didn't work, we'll go back with the mimes.

Dec 25: This year hasn't been easy on dragons, either!

Dec 18: Oh, well, I guess if I _have_ to...

Dec 11: My immune system wants allllllll the belts!

Dec 04: Coders know all the scary bits

Nov 27: When training includes all-you-can-eat.

Nov 20: You only get that one chance to be a pink pumpkin!

Nov 13: Text me too please...

Nov 06: So what do you do with yours?

Oct 30: Deliberately not scary for Halloween 2020.

Oct 23: And then there's the Cat Food Channel...

Oct 16: Top scorers can lose six entire penguins' worth in an afternoon.

By the time you finally get there, you forget what you were going to complain about in the first place.
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