weekly penguin cartoon


Mar 24: Both things may be true.

Mar 17: Paint like the Old Masters, die like the Old Masters!

Mar 10: Some customers might prefer "non-traditional"...

Mar 03: One fine afternoon (potentially) in the path of a storm...

Feb 24: Maybe a nice stroll? Somewhere where the sidewalks are plowed?

Feb 17: And if they just don't care, they're too boring to be worth studying.

Feb 10: Where did you think it would be?

Feb 03: Smarter in the penguiverse? Or just more devious?

Jan 27: At least in my universe.

Jan 20: Creatively lazy.

Jan 13: I'm sorry this essay is so long. I didn't have the GPU to generate a shorter one.

Jan 06: If that _was_ required, I'd have made it a herring tequila decanter.

Dec 30: When you really really have to be literal _and_ specific

Dec 23: Accountability? your dreams!

Dec 16: Another great niche business opportunity.

Dec 09: Arguing: A sport you can do sitting down indoors while eating

Dec 02: So... wait... _is_ rational?

Nov 25: The illusions of kittenhood.

Nov 18: Very very niche entertainment.

Nov 11: Being a businessbear: not as easy as it looks.

The illusions of kittenhood.
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