weekly penguin cartoon


Jul 01: Hats above all.

Jun 24: There's an enrichment program for that too.

Jun 17: For Father's Day: Better than a tie!

Jun 10: How not to be grumpy.

Jun 03: It's just a matter of perspective.

May 27: On the internet, nobody knows you're a cat, but it's better when they do

May 20: I could have sworn there was a Police Box in there, too!

May 13: The best part is, they pay you

May 06: Brunch is on the patio; hats don't fit through the door.

Apr 29: And it explains so much.

Apr 22: Coincidentally, also the easiest of the asks if you live in a cartoon.

Apr 15: And only 16-hour shifts!

Apr 08: Eternal dilemma.

Apr 01: Herrings are always trending.

Mar 25: Preferable to the alternative?

Mar 18: It's a dirty job, but some bear has to do it.

Mar 11: 'In a neat pile' really beats the alternatives.

Mar 04: Secret superpower = donuts?

Feb 25: Anywhere! And I do mean that.

Feb 18: Also that's the only thing the cheap old bird left to the family.

The hazards of winning...
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