weekly penguin cartoon


Aug 11: Food can be art and vice-versa.

Aug 04: Wishful thinking.

Jul 28: Just old-fashioned.

Jul 21: Which also explains the hat.

Jul 14: And the litterbox is why we have hatchlings.

Jul 07: Laziest password strategy ever.

Jun 30: Except flame wars have an event horizon.

Jun 23: Exercise: it’s not for getting fit, it’s for working up an appetite.

Jun 16: Behavioral encouragement for Father’s Day.

Jun 09: It is, but not the way they mean.

Jun 02: I think mine was architected by Escher.

May 26: Robot psychologists are public safety, really.

May 19: You'll never guess what happened next!

May 12: Mother’s Day traditions.

May 05: And the eel nigiri was under-toasted!

Apr 28: Plus I was texting.

Apr 21: The actual superpower.

Apr 14: It does get sloshy.

Apr 07: How to be a cheap date.

Mar 31: Probably pressure from alumni.

How to be a cheap date.
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