weekly penguin cartoon


Sep 29: Self help, or help yourself.

Sep 22: Older, wiser, also bigger stomach.

Sep 15: Penguins sometimes wonder if the barf references ever strike non-birds as weird

Sep 08: Sometimes commerce has to wait.

Sep 01: There are probably other reasons.

Aug 25: As of August 29, it will be 20 years of Pengcognito. Cheers!

Aug 18: Also if you count 'briefly, last year, Halloween'!

Aug 11: Regretting already!

Aug 04: Except for the food contest judging, of course.

Jul 28: Easily swayed.

Jul 21: I'll take on the winner. Or the loser.

Jul 14: Seriously, what's left? Trebuchets?

Jul 07: Improvisation, of a sort.

Jun 30: It's not _no_ work! I have to push the button!

Jun 23: Loosely based on a true story.

Jun 16: But definitely not a tie.

Jun 09: It's the thought, though.

Jun 02: A little duct tape and it will be good as new.

May 26: Plus we want them to stop hogging the outlets in the break room.

May 19: And maybe not use your pet's name.

Why it's really hard to make a lesson plan for a penguin class.
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