weekly penguin cartoon


Oct 11: Preparing for Season of Stuff.

Oct 04: Purely randomly coincidentally.

Sep 27: Don't you hate it when you have a great joke lined up, and then you don't get to use it?

Sep 20: And yet another downside to deep fakes.

Sep 13: Ulterior motives? Never!

Sep 06: Outranked by a butterfly?

Aug 30: And no fair using actual fantasy technology!

Aug 23: Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science.

Aug 16: And it’s an art project!

Aug 09: 'Opportunity seekers' are just worth more.

Aug 02: An ongoing discussion.

Jul 26: Silly question.

Jul 19: Or get the extra-large size you can swim in

Jul 12: Fashion follows forecasts?

Jul 05: If it looks too easy...

Jun 28: Or living in a cartoon

Jun 21: Someone should do the ‘creepy vs. cute’ research now.

Jun 14: Happy Father's Day! However you celebrate it...

Jun 07: And I was afraid I'd have to crowdfund it.

May 31: Never assume that things are not as weird as you suspect.

The store is also safe from Star Trek:Classic mad computers...
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