More SANCCOB pictures (click on images to enlarge)

These cute little donation penguins are all over Cape Town. SANCCOB takes care of lots of seabirds, not just penguins. "Petrol" is not happy! But the folks at SANCCOB will fix him up. He'll be hydrated, cleaned, fed, and let loose again.
There are a few permanent residents who live at SANCCOB, though. Thye have a nice resort here. And lots of food! Which they can catch themselves, if they want to.
Having fun... ...swimming... ...snagging some lunch... ...posing for the tourist cameras...
...and taking a bow! Oily penguins and a gannett. More oily guys. It takes a while to get them clean. After cleaning, penguins are hand-fed.
Then they need to wait for the natural oils on their feathers to be replenished before they are waterproof again. Then they are put in a swimming pool to make sure they can swim for long amounts of time. When they have proved they can, they will be let go back in to the wild. And hopefully will stay away from any gooey black stuff they find in the future!