weekly penguin cartoon


Jun 11: And you may even make the cover of Penguin Sports Illustrated.

Jun 04: I think I could pull that off.

May 28: There is no such thing as a free... dinner?

May 21: Evergreen content.

May 14: They've just got the one, then?

May 07: Green flipper.

Apr 30: No really. How can you tell?

Apr 23: Volume over variety.

Apr 16: The comedians also ate all the shrimp.

Apr 09: And if you win a level, that's dinner for a week!

Apr 02: Patience is out of stock everywhere.

Mar 26: Of course it works for penguins! They are creatures of reason.

Mar 19: Phone sizes are the new hemlines.

Mar 12: Fish-shaped box of chocolates, but they're herring-filled!

Mar 05: It's like a tablet but for olds.

Feb 26: As simple as possible but not simpler.

Feb 19: Or maybe after dinner.

Feb 12: And that is why catnip mice are on autoship all winter.

Feb 05: Like a house call, but without the mileage.

Jan 29: Oh no! The call is coming from inside your stomach!

There are jobs, and then there are jobs....
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