weekly penguin cartoon


Nov 09: Because the sushi chef cancelled at the last minute.

Nov 02: There's an even easier way.

Oct 26: Get off my lawn.

Oct 19: Two cute.

Oct 12: Or it could just be projection.

Oct 05: There’s probably a good market for mostly-obsolete hardware here.

Sep 28: It's handy to have one just lying around in the lab.

Sep 21: There's more than one way to scam a herring.

Sep 14: This method also takes care of lunch.

Sep 07: Not a low-calorie job, though.

Aug 31: Completely and utterly impossible.

Aug 24: Don't push it.

Aug 17: The 'tipsy bridesmaid' shot is mandatory.

Aug 10: And talking to tech support is also a challenge.

Aug 03: You can make them out of anything really.

Jul 27: Natural selection for music: when the new lyrics are ear-wormier than the original.

Jul 20: If you don't get it, you're not old enough yet.

Jul 13: The app gets the royalties, though.

Jul 06: Birth of a labor movement.

Jun 29: That’s not an amuse-bec, it’s the entrée.

Yeah, they bug penguins too...
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