weekly penguin cartoon


Feb 23: How to hate 3d video meetings as much as the 2d ones.

Feb 16: There really is only the one answer.

Feb 09: The beach isn't for everybear.

Feb 02: Less authentic is OK.

Jan 26: And now you know.

Jan 19: Or you could do your hobby after dinner.

Jan 12: Sturgeon's Law as applied to LLMs.

Jan 05: There's no pleasing some penguins.

Dec 29: In the Penguiverse, you only have to tell it once.

Dec 22: It's pigs and those oyster-seed thingies, isn't it?

Dec 15: Does this even count as a superpower?

Dec 08: No, I said maybe _you_ could...

Dec 01: The real reason for the cover-up.

Nov 24: We should try it.

Nov 17: When your life is already weird it can be hard to tell the difference.

Nov 10: That's one way.

Nov 03: And where would be the fun in that?

Oct 27: Would make a good Halloween costume on a more agreeable cat.

Oct 20: The squabbling is so intense because the stakes are so small.

Oct 13: More weird cat-related shopping.

That's one way.
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