weekly penguin cartoon


Jul 19: There is no try, only overdo.

Jul 12: On going out (very very out.)

Jul 05: Any time I want.

Jun 28: It's called "memory curation", thank-you-very-much!

Jun 21: But is it more or less flattering?

Jun 14: Depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

Jun 07: Come for the silly optimism, stay for the outrage?

May 31: Do I even have to say the lawn thing?

May 24: My other qualification is I am very, very drunk.

May 17: Mother nature wants us to get out more...

May 10: You don't want to be in that category.

May 03: Resistance training.

Apr 26: Sometimes, getting insulted can be an education.

Apr 19: Civic duty, but under the table.

Apr 12: In this case, maybe let the perfect be the enemy of the creepy.

Apr 05: Somebody's humor algorithm needs work.

Mar 29: And put that moon back right now!

Mar 22: Well, one, but it was an eating tournament.

Mar 15: As problems go...

Mar 08: A whole new level of goofy-looking for business attire.

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To fit the strips onto mugs, it's been necessary to change them a bit, usually just shortening them. Since Cafepress provides kinda small images, I've put bigger ones here (they'll open in new windows):

View all (big!)
The rock collection one (when is a collection really a collection?)
The one about feeding spammers to your pet tiger
Too much of a good thing?
The birth of the Church of the Great Penguin
The "don't give your cat your Amazon password" one
One of the talking to dead penguins show ones
The one where they go clubbing
The one where they attempt to clean the fridge

There's also a one-panel one where Ted shows up in a UFO - it's too big for the web site, though it is available here in our 2004 calendar (it's October, in case you're not looking ahead...) It doesn't fit right on a mug but is on a tote bag, lunchbox and mousepad.